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Richie -

There are ALOT of different ways you can upgrade your system. Of course, the most popular is changing the equipment itself, moving to a more expensive amplifier, upgrading your cartridge, changing your speakers etc...

You have many options, and it can always be done in a way that best suits your budget. With 0% Finance available, customers have been able to take larger jumps with the systems performance, and even upgrade multiple products at one time. 

You can also of course look to newer technologies, adding options such as Bluetooth and streaming, which is now becoming an very popular option, and is becoming more and more user friendly. They have made huge advancements with the sound quality and now can produce a sound that can easily stand alongside CD quality. 

Moving to a slightly different option, changing your cables is one of the best upgrades you can make, and as a pound for pound upgrade may give you the best overall sound. You can upgrade speaker cables, mains cables, interconnects etc... and we stock a huge range to match everyones price range. There are many reasons why these cables make such a big difference to the sound, if you would like more detailed information about this, please get in touch and one of our sales team would be happy to help.

Finally you can go for the more "Finesse" items. Items such as Valhalla Isolation feet can drastically reduce vibration through your unit, creating a more rich and controlled sound. Even changing simple things such as speaker links, can add a very subtle, yet noticeable difference to your system.  


Our staff are always on hand to aid you in your next upgrade, we can discuss the products you already have, and work out what will be the most cost effective upgrade for your system. 

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