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Roksan Introduce blak Series Electronics

Roksan Audio are highly renowned for their ability to deliver exceptional sound regardless of what they produce. With the new blak series, they're set to do exactly the same as they've always done - but in a new higher-end arena.


The blak series is being introduced as an entirely new design for Roksan – both in terms of sound performance and visual appeal. Featuring a robust, industrial design that still manages to look modern and elegant; the blak series is the audiophile solution for those seeking superlative performance and features within a ‘statement product’ aesthetic, but without the esoteric high-end audio price tag.

Handmade in the UK and at a specialised facility in Germany, the range is initially launching with an integrated amplifier and a CD player. These will be followed over time by further audiophile solutions to create a flexible and comprehensive range of products that will offer the same performance-for-cost ratio that Roksan are highly renowned for. With thirty years of iconic products and enviable experiences before them, Roksan are sure to quickly make blak a new must-audition range for any high-end audiophile.

Like the K3 range before it, all blak products will be available in three stylish finishes – Anthracite, Charcoal and Opium – and all will be supplied with a stylish and intuitive system remote.


Product Link: http://www.kronosav.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=blak

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