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Pro-Ject Introduce Vertical Hi-Fi Turntable

Pro-Ject Audio Systems are at the cutting-edge of hi-fi turntable design. The Vienna-based company design and engineer a vast range of record players, with the aim of providing a viable option for any audio enthusiast – regardless of budget or technical requirements. With the rapid re-emergence of the vinyl format in popular culture, Pro-Ject are also looking to attract new people to the world of high-fidelity audio by producing a lifestyle turntable that incorporates hi-fi principles into a device that really stands out in your home.

The VT-E is Pro-Ject’s first ever vertical turntable, and its innovative design makes it a unique offering in the market. Not only can it be installed easily on a desktop or a wall, but VT-E is also available in three different finishes and boasts left- or right-handed versions.

The VT-E is based on the popular Elemental turntable, which has won plaudits around the world for its great sound and affordable price. Like the Elemental, the VT-E has a pre-set tonearm and cartridge, so all you need to do to get spinning is install the belt and platter, then plug it into your turntable-ready hi-fi system. Turntable set-up does not need to be complicated or arduous, and VT-E proves that.

The VT-E is available in matt black, red or white finish, and is supplied with all required accessories. The right-handed version has a downward facing tonearm, and the left-handed version has an upward facing tonearm, for convenient cueing.


Product link: http://www.kronosav.com/hi-fi/analogue/turntables/pro-ject-vt-e-turntable.html

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