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Musical Fidelity have just added to their Nu Vista range of products, with the all new Nu Vista 600! This new and amazing baby Nu-Vista will be available in September and will run alongside the Nu Vista 800, and will be available in black or silver. 


The new NuVista 600 integrated amplifier combines technology from several different
eras of electronics design.

    a)    Nuvistor technology
    b)    Semi conductor technology
    c)    Surface Mount Design technology
    d)    CAD/CAM PCB design
    e)    Software control


The NuVista 600 combines nuvistor technology with Surface Mount Design and CAD/CAM PCB concepts. Essentially the NuVista 600 is the same as the legendary NuVista 800 but with less elaborate metalwork and 'only' 200WPC. Like it's big brother the NuVista 600 has extraordinary technical and sonic performance.

For Musical Fidelity, designing the NuVista 600 was a labour of passion and love. We have tried to achieve the absolute maximum performance from every part of the circuit.

The NuVista 600 integrated offers full-on, high-end performance, in a beautiful, relatively compact package, and gives a comfortable 200 watts per channel.

NuVista series a sensation

Fifteen years ago, Musical Fidelity were the first company in the world to use nuvistor tubes for our NuVista series. The original NuVista series (NuVista pre amp, NuVista M3 integrated, NuVista 300 power amp and NuVista 3D CD player) created a sensation when they were launched in 1999. They gave an almost perfect balance between state of the art transistor and tube design.

Because there were only a few tube bases available in 1999, the NuVista series were all made in limited editions. Their reputation is legendary and, to this day, used NuVista series products fetch very high prices.

Background on nuvistors

Nuvistor tubes were designed in the late 1950s. Their design process took into account all the criticisms and weaknesses of the standard glass tubes that had gone before. As a result, nuvistor tubes offered:

    •    Unprecedented reliability
    •    Compact size
    •    Very low microphony
    •    State of the art technical performance
    •    Total consistency between manufacturing batches.

Indeed, nuvistors were the ultimate, high performance, triode tube. Unfortunately for them, transistors were just coming of age as nuvistors became available.

A bright new dawn

For at least three years after the launch of the original NuVista series, Antony
Michaelson tried to get more tube bases. Nuvistor tubes were plentiful but bases were impossible to obtain. After a time, he stopped searching.

As many of you know, Antony Michaelson is persistent. About three years ago, he started thinking about NuVistas again. This time, things were different.

Using the internet, he was able to locate what are probably the last nuvistor bases on this planet Earth. Antony was thrilled. He purchased all that could be found.

This made it possible for Musical Fidelity to realise their dream of manufacturing more nuvistor based products, including the new mega super integrated, the Nu Vista 800.

This time, we would be able to combine our state of the art NuVista technology with our state of the art Surface Mount Design PCB techniques, and the new designs would benefit from the freedom of layout that they offer.

General description

The NuVista 600’s front end is positioned on the same PCB as the input circuitry. This keeps all PCB tracks as short as possible, and ensures that this highly sensitive function is at right angles to any stray hysteresis field from the transformers, ensuring superlative sonic performance.

The nuvistor stage itself combines nuvistor tubes with our exclusive Surface Mount Design and technology systems. This allows them to perform at a level never seen before.

The power amp stage is derived from our monster Titan amp, regarded by many as one of the best amplifiers ever made. However, we have made subtle improvements to the circuit, squeezing even more performance from what was already a legendary circuit design.

The overall configuration is dual mono, with a separate 1 kW super silent drive mains transformer per channel.

The result? Maximum performance from every part of the circuit which clearly shows just how much of a labour of love and passion for the NuVista 600 was for us.

Technical performance

The NuVista 600 delivers a comfortable 200 wpc. It is capable of large current swings: about 150 Amps peak to peak.  Distortion at 1kHz is vanishingly low at 0.002%. At 10 kHz, it is about 0.004% and at 20 kHZ 0.006%. These are extraordinary figures.
NuVista 600 has very low noise and excellent stereo separation.

Because of its peak current capability, it can drive any speaker with any cable, without breaking a sweat.

The NuVista 600 combines the beauty, delicacy and poise of state of the art tube and
semiconductor design blended with massive power and current.

Sound quality

The NuVista 600 delivers everything that its concepts promise. On the one hand, you have the beauty and warmth of nuvistor tubes. However, because of their superlative technical performance, there is no colouration or excessive warmth.

On the other hand, there is a huge power amp with massive reserves of power and
current that has the delicacy and speed of attack (and decay) of a small triode power amp but, just you wait for that transient: it is delivered effortlessly with no colouration or limits.

The NuVista 600 sound quality is, to us at least, totally satisfying.
Beautiful, deep and wide sound staging, effortless transients, incredible bottom end
extension, speed, rhythm and then the exquisite mid range. We believe that this is what hi-fi is about.

Metalwork and finish

The NuVista 600 is finished to a very high standard. The front panel is machined from solid, mil-spec aluminium and surfaced to an exacting standard. The custom made heatsink extrusions are purely functional and well finished.

We have tried to make the NuVista 600 a beautiful product, manufactured to a  high standard. However, we have not gone to the excesses of other brand and still have our feet on the ground.


The NuVista 600 performs at the highest level, yet its UK retail price is only £4,999. In high end terms, this isn’t much, but we feel it’s a great deal of money (and represents a lot of disposable income and hard work) and have endeavoured to offer the maximum in performance and finish for its price.

UK Retail will be £4,999.

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