How can I get a refund using PayPal In Store?

Richie -

When a store has agreed a refund for your purchase, you can request a refund code and be refunded back to your PayPal account.

From the Home screen, tap 'Refunds'.

To add a new refund, tap the plus button to be taken to the 'Transaction history' screen.

Select a transaction and tap 'Request Refund'.

The app will display a refund transaction code and save this in the 'Refunds' screen.

To refund your item, the sales assistant will enter the number into the till.

The value of the refund will then be processed by PayPal and returned to your PayPal account or original payment method.

Refund codes can only be requested for payments made using PayPal in Store and all our usual refund/exchange policies apply to PayPal In Store purchases.

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