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The 6 Perspex turntable from Pro-Ject Audio Systems has been a staple of the company’s range for many years. The multi-award winning record player boasted a high-end sound and style that easily out-specified many of its competitors at a very appealing price point. Now, the latest version takes the existing design but adds a few enhancements to improve the performance even further.


The 6 Perspex SB takes the same proven design as its predecessor, but utilises a far superior motor to give vinyl enthusiasts an even more appealing high-end vinyl spinner.

The new perimeter drive-belt mechanism has been inspired by the recent introduction of the RPM 10 Carbon turntable, which uses a fully-decoupled motor. With the 6 Perspex SB, the motor sits within its own cut-out inside the main plinth, lined with damping material for reduced resonance. The motor itself is an AC design, which is regulated by its own built-in speed controller. This speed controller not only offers easy switching between 331/3 and 45rpm, but it also generates an entirely fresh new sine wave for the motor – filtering out the fluctuations and distortions associated with a typical mains supply, for reduced resonance.

The rest of the coveted 6 Perspex design remains, and the resulting performance is an even higher performance mid-priced turntable than ever seen before.


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